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Perfect Sleeping Weather: The Album

In 2015, I released a collection of poetry called Perfect Sleeping Weather.

For a couple years, my buddy Joshua McLane (of the terrific band, Heels) suggested I do an audiobook.

Spending eight months of the five-year anniversary sheltering-in-place (oddly/ironically at my mom’s house in my hometown) gave me more than enough downtime to finally give it a shot.

But I didn’t want to simply sit in a room and record a bunch of poems. Seemed like, if I was gonna do it, I should do something special for it.

So I recorded it like an album and put it on Bandcamp.

You can stream the entire thing for free a few times. But, should you decide to buy it (for just $10 for the month of January), you’ll get:

– unlimited streaming.
– digital download of all 93 tracks + two bonus tracks.
– PDF of the book itself.
– PDF of “Between the Sheets,” a 25 page companion piece that tells the story behind every poem in the book, as well as the bonus tracks.

This project provided a much-needed distraction for me for the past few months and I hope listening to or reading it can be the same for you.

Happy New Year. We made it.