Tragedy + Comedy = Time for a two-sided distraction

I’ve been performing, either drums or stand-up comedy, fairly nonstop since 2001. I haven’t made a “living” at either, always tethered to a “real job” to make ends meet and, in fact, fuel keeping the show on the road, so to speak, paying for rehearsal spaces, drum sticks, drum heads, actual, literal fuel, more alcohol than probably necessary.

It’s been an irregular ride, with dry spells of nearly no performing punctuated by multiple days, weeks, months on the road. But I’ve been out frequently enough to have sometimes been out when tragedy strikes and forced to deal with it however necessary to get through the day, and then get through a show.

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A confident hour

Welp, now that I have a website, I should probably do something with it.

I’m going to do my best to make at least one post here a week, not only in the hopes that it will keep you checking in, but to force myself to write something other than comedy, tweets and sociopolitical essays. To write normal person diary entry type stuff to keep you updated and me, I dunno, motivated?

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