Perfect Sleeping Weather: The Album

In 2015, I released a collection of poetry called Perfect Sleeping Weather.

For a couple years, my buddy Joshua McLane (of the terrific band, Heels) suggested I do an audiobook.

Spending eight months of the five-year anniversary sheltering-in-place (oddly/ironically at my mom’s house in my hometown) gave me more than enough downtime to finally give it a shot.

But I didn’t want to simply sit in a room and record a bunch of poems. Seemed like, if I was gonna do it, I should do something special for it.

So I recorded it like an album and put it on Bandcamp.

You can stream the entire thing for free a few times. But, should you decide to buy it (for just $10 for the month of January), you’ll get:

– unlimited streaming.
– digital download of all 93 tracks + two bonus tracks.
– PDF of the book itself.
– PDF of “Between the Sheets,” a 25 page companion piece that tells the story behind every poem in the book, as well as the bonus tracks.

This project provided a much-needed distraction for me for the past few months and I hope listening to or reading it can be the same for you.

Happy New Year. We made it.

Pandemic, Patreon, Soundcloud

So it’s been months since the last update here and, obviously, a ton has happened in the world since that time. On the off chance this website/these updates still reach folks, I thought I’d share a little bit of what’s been going on with me personally since the coronavirus started wreaking havoc on the US back in March.

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Perfect Sleeping Weather, now available on Kindle

Three years ago I put out a collection of 93 poems called Perfect Sleeping Weather.

As of tonight it’s available on Kindle, here, for $3, or free if you have Kindle Unlimited.

If you like words about loneliness, cities, neighbors, dead friends, losing your mind at a job you hate, returning to your hometown for something as strange as the 4th of July, etc. … Merry Christmas.

Stand-Up Comics: It’s not only okay to draw a line, it’s necessary

Prior to becoming a stand-up comic, I was a drummer for a bunch of rock and country-ish bands, traveling quite a bit, playing a variety of venues, everything from big clubs and festivals to wine bars, art spaces, and backyards. I spent four straight months bumming around America one time, coast to coast, top to bottom. None of it prepared me for the landmine landscape of stand-up comedy clubs (and “clubs”) and what stand-up comedians were/are expected to put up with.

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Tragedy + Comedy = Time for a two-sided distraction

I’ve been performing, either drums or stand-up comedy, fairly nonstop since 2001. I haven’t made a “living” at either, always tethered to a “real job” to make ends meet and, in fact, fuel keeping the show on the road, so to speak, paying for rehearsal spaces, drum sticks, drum heads, actual, literal fuel, more alcohol than probably necessary.

It’s been an irregular ride, with dry spells of nearly no performing punctuated by multiple days, weeks, months on the road. But I’ve been out frequently enough to have sometimes been out when tragedy strikes and forced to deal with it however necessary to get through the day, and then get through a show.

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