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Stand-Up Comics: It’s not only okay to draw a line, it’s necessary

Prior to becoming a stand-up comic, I was a drummer for a bunch of rock and country-ish bands, traveling quite a bit, playing a variety of venues, everything from big clubs and festivals to wine bars, art spaces, and backyards. I spent four straight months bumming around America one time, coast to coast, top to bottom. None of it prepared me for the landmine landscape of stand-up comedy clubs (and “clubs”) and what stand-up comedians were/are expected to put up with.

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My response to four questions posed by Gene Simmons in his “Rock is dead” interview

On September 4th, 2014, Esquire Magazine published an interview with Gene Simmons (interviewed by his son, Nick), during which the elder Simmons declared, “Rock is finally dead.” Continue reading