Pandemic, Patreon, Soundcloud

So it’s been months since the last update here and, obviously, a ton has happened in the world since that time. On the off chance this website/these updates still reach folks, I thought I’d share a little bit of what’s been going on with me personally since the coronavirus started wreaking havoc on the US back in March.

My April tour to Florida was obviously canceled. However, since I use those April trips to visit family and friends, I decided to head down anyway and am still posted up at my mom’s place, splitting time between here and seeing my dad. Both are in their 70s and Florida’s infected numbers continue to soar, so sticking around here for the time being feels like the right move.

With shows rightfully on hold, I’ve tried to keep myself creatively busy by exploring the world of live streaming and have done several things remotely during the downtime.

I started a series called Stump the Drummy where I go live from behind my drum kit and play literally any song people request in the live chat.

High School Lyrics gives me an excuse to dig out lyrics to “songs” I wrote in 8th-10th grade and read them over the internet.

I watched Leaving Las Vegas in its entirety for the first time and celebrated The Shining’s 40th birthday.

I did live readings from my poetry book, Perfect Sleeping Weather, for the first time ever, and told stories behind the poems.

I did about an hour’s worth of my earliest stand-up and have popped up on a couple of Zoom shows with my current stand-up.

With a non-existent full time job and my part time pursuits on hiatus, making myself do anything creative has kept me (relatively) sane while I stare into the same uncertain future many of my peers are staring into.

That said, nothing I can do but keep plugging away, and this month I’ve launched two new online exploits: a stand-up Patreon and a Christmas movie review Soundcloud.

Stand-Up Patreon

I’ve decided to launch a Patreon account to give myself motivation to continue working on stand-up while I can’t actually go into the real world and work on stand-up. But since it requires me to set time aside, set up a camera, etc., I decided, why stop there? Why not also use this Patreon to document my entire 9-1/2 year history in stand-up with old clips (with commentary!), stories, pictures, conversations with comedy buddies? Six different subscription tiers (from $2-$20) allow you to sign up for a variety of things and $10/month basically gets you everything. Higher prices include things like online comedy “classes,” workshops, etc.


For July, I’ll be using my first Soundcloud account for Christmas Movies For Adults That I Watched So You Don’t Have To, a weekly series where I’ll explain everything that happens in a (pretty bad) Christmas movie so you don’t have to commit to watching it yourself.

I’ll try to remember to update this page, but, if you’re not already, follow me on Twitter and Facebook for much more frequent updates.

I hope you’re all doing well as possible during this weird ass time and hope some of what I’m cranking out might provide a silly distraction or two.