Screenplay Reviews Available

Finding myself with a bit of downtime lately so I figured I’d publicly offer a service I’ve only offered friends in the past: screenplay reviews and/or screenwriting tutoring.

“But Larry, you’ve never sold a script or won a contest, what could you possibly offer?”

Great question.

Firstly, I’ve never tried to sell a script or win a contest. I’ve just studied and written screenplays on and off since 2002.

Little about that side of me …

– took a screenwriting course under A. Wayne Carter who has sold 17 screenplays and had 2 series produced.

– took an online writing workshop through Second City under Eric Spitznagel (Playboy, Esquire, Vanity Fair, author of Old Records Never Die).

– worked for the BlueCat Screenplay Competition, reading and reviewing submissions.

– submitted a packet of sketches trying to get a job at Saturday Night Live (see Writing Samples page).

– completed 4 feature length scripts and 2 shorts, with several other features “in progress.”

Basically, after studying, writing and staring at scripts for so long, I feel confident that I know things about character, arcs, conflict, motives and format that can help make you a better writer, or at least polish that story you’re sitting on.

Interested? Hit me up at and let me know what you need. Consultation is 100% free. Very reasonable rates beyond that, depending on what you’re looking for/scope of project.