Perfect Sleeping Weather, coming April 2015

Before I started trying my hand at screenplays and jokes, not too long after I started playing the drums, I wrote poems and lyrics. I hung around a lot of artsy kids in high school — writers, painters, musicians — and was particularly inspired by my friend Jonathan Baity, who, to this day, I’m convinced is one of the best poets I’ve ever read.

Anyway, releasing a collection of poetry has always been a bucket list sort of thing of mine, and I actually tried to do it back in the day, printing books at Kinkos, and it was an abomination. So, in 2014, I decided to finally try to do it right.

Perfect Sleeping Weather is a collection of poems written from around 1998 to 2014. Some are about those high school friends, some are about growing up restless in a small town, some are the mad late-night ramblings of a drunk who thinks too much.

A friend of mine, years ago, once told me, “All of your writing sounds like a sigh.”

I’ll take it.

I wanted to release the book in the fall or winter, ’cause it feels like a fall or winter book. But that didn’t happen, so I’ll release it in April, in conjunction with National Poetry Month.

From now until April 1st, I’ll be taking pre-orders, which include:
1. an autographed copy of Perfect Sleeping Weather.
2. handwritten and signed lyrics to “A Better November,” a song I wrote for Holidaysburg, a former band I was in and the title track of our one and only record.

Pre-orders will be slightly more expensive ($30), but include shipping to anywhere in the world and you get the little bonus lyrics. Click the link below to pre-order.

Thanks for taking the time to read all this and for supporting anything I’ve ever been a part of.