Larry art

Welcome to my website.

As I’m in the process of completely breaking free of (and then deleting) my Facebook account, this is the best place to find me on the internet now.

Everything is here (or will be shortly), including links to my Medium page (primarily political blogs), Twitter (short-form stuff) and YouTube channel. Additionally, I’ll have a News page here to serve as a sort of catch-all for things that don’t fit on Twitter or Medium (tour announcements, updates, show/festival recaps, occasional poems, etc.)

Basically, if you like anything I do, be it political essays, short “tweet” jokes, stupid videos, weird sad poems, etc., this is now the one-stop shop. No more Facebook.

That said, if you like anything I post here and want to share it, by all means, go ahead, just remember to credit the creator of it. Me.

Thanks for being here.